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Turning Waste into Energy

We are currently working on the cracking and reforming of Poly-Aromatic-Hydrocarbons (PAH) derived from biomass gasification. PAH are undesired, carcinogenic, multi-ring hydrocarbons which is essential to be removed or converted. Zeolites could help. However, due their size, PAHs cannot easily diffuse into the zeolite microporous. Our hypothesis is that the introduction of hierarchical pore structure within the zeolite crystals will help on the diffusion of the bulky hydrocarbons in and out of the zeolites, enhancing their conversion.  Besides, the incorporation of metals in the pores of the hierarchical zeolites can provide to the zeolites bi-functional activity enhancing also the reforming of hydrocarbons in valuable gases. We are hoping that this idea will help towards the transformation of WASTE TO ENERGY!

The project is supported by the NSF – Energy for Sustainability Program – CBET 1236738

Nsf1 PAH