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Hydrodeoxygenation of biomass pyrolysis vapors

Production of renewable aviation fuels from gas-phase catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of biomass pyrolysis vapors

Energy consumption has never been higher worldwide. In the meantime, excessive use of fossil fuels has caused severe environmental problems, while their reserves are depleting. Thus, the replacement of fossil fuels with renewables is more urgent than ever. One of the main fields of energy consumption is the transportation sector. Although there is a remarkable progress in the development of vehicles powered by electricity, the aviation industry will be using carbon-based liquid hydrocarbon fuel for many years to come. Lignocellulosic (woody) biomass could be the prospective, green fuel resource of tomorrow, because the produced liquid bio-fuels are carbon-based and can be processed using the current petrochemical infrastructure.  Thus, one of the core goals of the scientific and industrial community in the energy sector is to find effective and efficient ways to replace finite fossil fuels with biomass resources. The proposed research project aims to advance the knowledge in the field of renewable and sustainable, ready-to-use- bio-fuels production. 

The research is sponsored by the Office of Vice President of Research at UCONN.